Harmaliyya Lehhyam

Product from Harmaliyya | Health of Life

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Harmaliyya is a herbal product prepared from some special medicinal plants and pure honey.It makes you more energetic and healthy by purifying your body by helping to expel impure biles, mucus and worms through stool. Harmaliyya also cures piles(hemorrhoids).Itcompletely cures gastric disorders like gas trouble, constipation, indigestion,anorexia, gastralgia, gastric and duodinal ulcers, heart burn, nausea, sour irrectation and vomiting etc., anemia, vertigo and fatigue.

Harmaliyya helps to get an excellent relief from all diseases, due to suppressed mucus discharges, like cough, headache, migraine, asthma, fever and diseases due to the accumulation of excessive mucus like backache and other body pains.It is very effective for all skin diseases like eczema, dermatitis, boils etc. due to blood descrasia.It also helps you to reduce obesity and makes your body fit.

It may cause some abdominal pain at the time of defecation who having sputum in their bowel. But the pain will be reduced gradually by using Harmaliyya regularly. Even pregnant women and children can take Harmaliyya without any food restrictions (even though it is better to avoid meat). If you face any difficulty to go for the job in the morning, you can take Harmaliyya at the evening also.continuous usage of Harmaliyya at least 3 weeks gives you better results.

The patients having hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, hemorrhoids etc. should take Harmaliyya regularly.

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